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A man’s reputation is the opinion people have of him; his character is what he really is. – Jack Miner

Integrity has no need of rules. – Albert Camus

Frank A. Pelaschuk

On May 20, 2016, I posted the following: We have observed how this government has increased the wealth of the middle class while doing absolutely nothing for the poorest amongst us. We have watched as this government has operated with breathtaking arrogance and watched a prime minister so narcissistic he believes nothing will stick: broken promises, manhandling members of parliament, ministers placing themselves in conflict of interest positions and ministers working to jettison or rig, either is a possibility, electoral reform.

While I have never held much faith in Trudeau, suspecting him of insincerity and hypocrisy, I was willing to give him a chance even hoping I was wrong. He quickly proved to be all I feared and worse. I have written a few times that I believed him a phony, a man not to be trusted. Sadly, he has proven himself both a phony and untrustworthy and almost from the first. Oh, initially, it was true, he seemed eager to go through with his promise of electoral reform but very quickly proceeded to undermine the work of the committee set up to formulate a recommendation even once stating such reforms were not on top of the public’s list. When the committee did submit it’s report favouring a form of proportional representation, the then minister of democratic reforms, Maryam Monsef, mocked the work of those on the committee and accused them of not even doing what they were supposed to. It was clear where this was going. But the saddest aspect, in some way, is not his broken promise nor his betrayal of those who voted for him on this issue, so loudly trumpeted by Trudeau, but his throwing to the wolves Karina Gould, the neophyte MP who replaced Monsef, by having her make the announcement that electoral reform was now off. You see, he did not want to have any video of him wearing this, yet another broken promise. Oh, he is a brave man of integrity alright.

Justin Trudeau is a prize and a phony. Oh, yes, he smiles a lot, talks of sunny ways, and easily milks tears from those overworked lacrimal glands when he wants or needs to; he’s a take charge guy who does not hesitate to swagger across the room to rescue a fellow MP even if it means elbowing another in the breast. He talks big on big things. For him, Human Rights was a priority when he campaigned but, when it came to the crunch, Human Rights took a beating as he signed off on a trade deal with Saudi Arabia one of the world’s most repressive regimes. And, of course, Human Rights is never mentioned as he seeks to do even more trade with China, another Human Rights abuser. Well, let’s face it, Human Rights is a honey if it don’t cost money.

He talks big about tolerance and yet when he sees and hears a lunatic Donald Trump signs bills to erect walls and wage religious and racial wars against Muslim immigrants, he is strangely mute except to say Canada welcomes immigrants. That is not enough. Where is the voice of outrage and condemnation?

He has proclaimed himself time-and-again to be a feminist. Well, he was given the opportunity to prove himself during the American election campaign when he was asked to comment on the vile recording made of Trump boasting about groping women. This is what Trudeau said: “This relationship goes far deeper than any two personalities at their countries’ respective heads. I think, however, I’ve been very clear in my approach as a feminist, as someone who has stood clearly and strongly through all my life around issues of sexual harassment, standing against violence against women, that I don’t need to make any further comment” (Kathleen Harris, CBC News, Oct. 13, 2016). Not even a whisper of condemnation for Trump.

He was given another opportunity on January 24 of this year to speak when asked by a reporter, “Do you think Trump is a misogynist?” His response was exactly what one would expect of a craven phony. He said, he was “pleased to have a constructive working relationship with the new administration…and I have made it very clear over the past year, it is not the job of a Canadian prime minister to opine on the American electoral process.” And this is our fearless, feminist, Human Rights defending prime minister?

This man Trudeau is a phony. He is a craven coward more interested in trade than Human Rights, more interested in access-for-cash than feminism, and more interested in oozing, simply oozing sincerity than actually doing the right and decent thing.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, admirable about a man, especially a leader of a nation, who remains silent on the sidelines watching others bullied and hoping, just hoping, no one will notice.

Well, Trudeau, one person has noticed. I had hoped for better from you but really did not expect it. I am not surprised by today’s announcement, I expected it long ago.

You are not a man of courage or of your word. You are just another phony out for the main chance. And I thought Harper and his gang were sewer rats.


But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. – Thomas Paine.


They that can give up essential liberties to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin


About Frank A. Pelaschuk

I am the author of two works of fiction, Serpent in the Garden and Ambiguities of Love in Six Stories, both available from Amazon as soft cover or e-book.

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  1. Hi Frank: This comment is also a response to your Jan. 28th posting. You mention in your article several times about Trudeau’s disregard for Human Rights, even though he professes to stand for them. I’m glad you addressed this, because I think his stand against Human Rights is the key to his character. It defines who he really is and it is the main issue that bothers me the most about him.

    My mistake was thinking that Human Rights mattered to him. They don’t. What made me sit up and take notice was on Feb. 22nd 2016 when The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau voted for the anti-BDS motion presented by the Conservatives.

    Here is the motion read in The House: “That given Canada and Israel, share a long history of friendship , as well as diplomatic relations, The House rejects the Boycott, Divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, which promotes the demonization of the State of Israel and call upon the government to condemn any and all attempts by Canadians, organizations, groups or individuals to promote the BDS movement both here at home and abroad.”

    There was a time when any number of Prime Ministers and many MP’s would have been appalled and even embarrassed by the wording of this motion and would have strongly rejected it. One of those Prime Ministers would have been Pierre Trudeau. Diefenbaker would be another, he would have found it offensive.

    Not so, todays MP’s, including the Prime Minister. There were 239 Yea’s and 51 Nay’s. All of the NDP MP’s voted Nay.

    Trudeau has joined the Conservatives in criminalizing activism. He is violating Canadians rights of free speech and peaceful protests. This motion is also unconstitutional. What Canadians don’t seem to realize is that Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about Canadians rights, nor Canadian sovereignty. He’s already violated both several times and is taking Canada down a road where we will no longer be a democratic or sovereign nation.

    The neoliberal “trade” deals that Trudeau and Freeland actively promote, are deals that are negotiated in secrecy, because the ultimate goal of the corporate elite who write these deals is to rid independent nation states of their sovereignty and thus bring these states under the control of the corporate/ global elites.Not rule by law, but rule by corporation. The countries that have this criminal process done to them are called Post Nation States.

    The CETA deal that has already been signed with Europe was called gold plated by Freeland.
    The TPP is off the table. Trudeau and Freeland were looking forward to signing it, but there will be more deals for Trudeau and Freeland to sign and give the control of our wealth, especially our resource wealth to various global corporations. Watch NAFTA. It is another neoliberal deal that has been attacking our sovereignty for years now. Trudeau and Freeland will be bullied into giving more Canadian wealth to the US corporations and will further diminish our sovereignty. Both of them are in way over their heads.Trudeau is a coward who mainly seeks to appease and he wears his appeasement, like a new pair of shoes, especially with the US.

    So how is it possible that our Prime Minister creates policies that violate our rights and destroys our sovereignty? Does he know what he is doing? He bragged recently in an interview with the Guardian that Canada will be the first post nation country. I think his advisors have told him that his neoliberal policies will bring economic growth, will create jobs and will be good for Canadians and he believes it.

    As I said, Trudeau is in way over his head and I think on the really serious policies, domestic and global, policies that effect our very rights and freedoms he is both unethical and clueless.
    On voting for the Anti-BDS motion I think he completely showed that he has no integrity. On the promoting of the neoliberal |”trade” deals including their ultimate goal of destroying the sovereignty of Canada, as an independent nation state, Trudeau is clueless.

    This combination of Trudeau not having integrity and having limited knowledge and intelligence makes Canadians very vulnerable. He’s offering the control of Canada’s wealth , rights and sovereignty to corporate neocon global elites who have blood on their hands from getting governments to start wars with sovereign countries so these elites can then plunder their wealth.

    Thanks for both of these article, they were a great read. I’m still trying to find the right person to design my blog. I’m talking to someone now who seems pretty good.


    • I agree with everything you say. I have not touched much on the BDS in part because I am not really knowledgeable about it and because it’s clear that any criticism just leads to accusations of being pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli. That doesn’t trouble me but when folks have a mind set and will only consider the voices of those who agree with them it seems a pointless exercise. It is clear to me that Canada’s position of support for Israel will not change. It’s the blindness of the support that troubles me; surely one can be critical of the actions of our friends when they behave badly or one can support a two-state solution without suffering a fury that is unreasonable. Evidently not. As for Trudeau, I find myself disliking him increasingly because I see no substantive difference between him and Harper except in the package: it’s one of deceit with a smarmy smile. When he meets Trump, I expect very little from him that may redeem him somewhat. It’s all business, trade and the middle class. I don’t think I have heard him talk of the poor, the homeless, the young, or the elderly. Have I missed that. Your comments are alarming because so evident: the Plutocrats have won, the Corporatocracy has arrived.
      Until you set up your own blog, I would be willing to allow you to post an article (or as many as you wish) with your byline. Just a suggestion or you can continue just commenting and letting me put it up that way as we have. Mind you, I have no idea if anyone other than you reads what I post. I am still eager to see the blog. Take care, thanks for again for you words, insight and, yes, anger.



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